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Noted Pages is all about Planners, Journals, Sticker sets, and other unique organization tools to get you where you want to go. Interested in purchasing these, click here to visit the Noted Pages shop. To learn more about planning and organization, read on and be sure to get our weekly newsletter by clicking the button below.





Writing things down, visualizing them, and taking action  is the simplest process to achieve your goals.

Learn about planner styles, best journaling ideas, what to write, how to get organized, and more. Click the Get Started Now button to start your experience.

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FREE Lessons!

Check out the short tutorials on various planning, organizing, journaling, and other related topics to help you grow in both your personal arena as well as at work and in your online business.


Checklists and Worksheets

Discover hidden benefits of a checklist. What ways a Worksheet complements Planners. Why using both improves your organization so you have more time to focus on other things.


Card Decks

What are card decks? Why are they important for personal and business development? Ways to use card decks that you might not be aware of.


Planners and Journals

Discover the many different types of planners and journals, why each can benefit you both personally and in business, and how to get the most out of each so you and your business grow.



Ok…they’re just stickers, right…or are they? Find out how to use stickers to benefit your journaling and planning experience, make them more appealing, and liven your day.


Tools, Apps, and More

Are some popular apps too much for your budget? Me too! Would you rather pay a one time fee with lifetime updates rather than a montly subscription? Of course. Is FREE better than paid…well duh! Find out about this here.

Online Training

Online Training

Check out these short tutorials about planning, journaling, organizing, being creative, and other topics I come up with!


Vision Boards

Vision Boards are a visual representation of your dream life. This tool helps you clarify different areas of your life. Find out about the areas to consider for your vision board by clicking the Learn More button below.

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Come see the variety of useful planners and journals at our store. All planners and journals come with stickers. We know how beneficial stickers are for enhancing planners and journals so we include some with every planner and journal we sell. What?…think stickers are well just stickers…well you NEED to see the lessons on stickers above, like Now! 


The Noted Page Blog

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Planners Stickers Journals a continuing learning experience!

I decided to start Noted Pages because I was not very organized and planning was not a natural instinct at my wheelhouse. Thanks to the information I have learned about planners, journals, and organization techniques life has become easier. So I am here to pass on the information I have learned as simply as I can. Come on a learning journey to improve your organizational wheelhouse so your life can be easier!

Check out Noted Pages shop on Etsy. It is your source for planners and journals [with a quirky side] so you can get organized, become more productive, jot down your ideas, thoughts, feelings, or just doodle and paint.

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